Those Wonderful ECK Masters by Harold Klemp

The ECK Masters mingle with people still today. Oftentimes they come in people’s dream states, while at other times they offer direct aid physically when someone is in trouble and needs immediate help.

These little-known Masters surely do exist. Their sole mission is to encourage and help Souls who want to return home to God.

When the time is right, an ECK Master will make his presence known to you. It may be someone like Rebazar Tarzs, or Peddar Zaskq (who, as Paul Twitchell, founded the modern-day movement of ECKANKAR). So when a seeker is ready, an ECK Master appears and lends a hand. Yet he often comes in disguise.

You may ask, Why would they help me, a stranger? After all, I’m Christian. I don’t believe in ECK Masters.

But remember a basic doctrine of ECK* is reincarnation. Most all who come to ECKANKAR today were followers of ECK long ago and disciples of one of these ECK Masters.

Their pictures are readily available for this reason. The pictures are in ECK books (like this one) and on posters at ECK centers. This aid is for new and old in ECK alike. Newcomers may thus have a chance to recognize one of their dream teachers, these wonderful Adepts in the Ancient Order of the VAIRAGI.

So the ECK Masters act as people’s advisers and guardians, and may remain with these chosen few for an entire lifetime. And sometimes, indeed, they’ve appeared years before these people even heard of Eckankar.

* * *

Excerpted from Those Wonderful ECK Masters, by Sri Harold Klemp. This book is now available at the ECKANKAR Online Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets. It is available in both print and e-book formats.

* ECK is short for ECKANKAR; ECK also means the Holy Spirit.

The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp
Chapter 11:
Sri Harold Klemp

The Mahanta,
the Living ECK Master—
a Modern Prophet

ECK Master Gopal Das
Chapter 1: Gopal Das

Dream Master of Ancient Egypt

ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs
Chapter 6: Rebazar Tarzs

Tibetan Adept and Torchbearer of Eckankar


ECK Master Fubbi Quantz
Chapter 2: Fubbi Quantz

Abbot of the Katsupari Monastery

ECK Master Towart Managi
Chapter 7: Towart Managi

African Holy Man


ECK Master Lai Tsi
Chapter 3: Lai Tsi

Chinese Sage of Wisdom


ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi
Chapter 8: Yaubl Sacabi

Guardian of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad at the Spiritual City of Agam Des

ECK Master Kata Daki
Chapter 4: Kata Daki

A Woman ECK Master


ECK Master Rami Nuri
Chapter 9: Rami Nuri

Teacher at a Golden Wisdom Temple on Venus

ECK Master Shamus-i-Tabriz
Chapter 5:

Bard of Ancient Persia


ECK Master Paul Twitchell (Peddar Zaskq)
Chapter 10: Paul Twitchell
(Peddar Zaskq)

American Cliff Hanger and Founder of Eckankar